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Your business can’t survive without selling your products or services. We generate new customers for your business, to your specifications.

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How to get More Customers

We get new customers walking into your business now. We find them, engage with them, and encourage them to visit you using our proven low-key non-sales “Social Selling” techniques. They are the perfect customers for your business. We have four services tailored to your specifications. You just fulfill their needs. Want more customers, choose a bigger package. Want to slow down a little, move down a package. All this means you don’t need to take time out of your day to come up with new marketing ideas, don’t need to remember to check your page, don’t need to create graphics, don’t need to pay to boost posts, don’t need to engage with customers (but you can when it suits you). You don’t need to pay us payroll tax or superannuation and you don’t need to check to see if we’re coming in to work every day. Our team does everything for you. If you need something special done, just tell us and we do it.

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Stop Doing SEO, Get More Customers

Many small businesses have been burned by “doing SEO.” It’s not your fault. You just wanted more customers. Google keeps changing the rules, and previous SEO work you’ve done or have paid for suddenly gets your site banned. Cleanup is a devastating experience – we know, because we’ve cleaned up other people’s mess before. Our methods do not involve SEO. Your website doesn’t need any incoming links for you to get business – none at all – and we get you great ROI without it. If that piques your interest, connect with us now, to find out if you are eligible to double your business.

Answers to Your Questions

Will I Rank #1 for my terms?

If your primary goal is ranking, rather than getting new customers, that’s the reason you’ve been disappointed so many times. Stop playing the SEO ranking game and just get new clients. Getting set up correctly and getting new customers will help you to rank better, possibly even #1. Let your competitors waste their time fighting to get their website ranked using outdated methods that can destroy their business when google makes a change. You’ll be making more money while they are obsessing over SEO ranking.

Do I pay for each lead?

If you get 2x or 3x or 5x as many new customers, there is no extra cost. This is part of the reason we love doing what we do! You choose your budget and we go all-in to bring you as many customers as we can. You will see the ROI immediately. When you can handle even more customers, step up to the next level. We go at your pace.

Are leads shared with my competitors?

We connect prospective customers directly to you. They are your connections. There is no sharing with your competitors.

How many new customers will I get?

It depends on a number of things, including how well you define your perfect customer. Some businesses have increased their income by 50% up to 500%. If you are in a tough market, there are other things we can do in addition, but whatever we do, you will receive a larger return on your investment.


Not only do you get new customers, you also get me! My focus is to send new customers to grow your business, so you can concentrate on your fulfillment and growing your business.

Alan Gray

Founder, and Customer Generator., NewsBlaze Pty. Ltd.

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Tired of doing your own marketing that doesn’t always work? Tired of paying exorbitant costs per click? Tired of getting bad leads? Tired of getting shared leads? Tired of Indian “SEO Experts” offering cheap SEO with poorly written text?

Forget all that stuff, play to your strengths, and grow your business. We live and breathe local marketing and client generation so you don’t have to. Schedule a quick, 15-minute strategy session with me.


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