GOLD Social

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Gold Social

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Our GOLD package is our recommended package and our most popular package. With this package, we have all of the important aspects of your Facebook page taken care of.

First of all, We ensure that your Facebook Page is fully optimized and all needed information is activated. Our team will create two custom Facebook covers promoting your business each month. We will ensure your Check-in is enabled and your campaign is ready with customized Check-in signs. We will also engage with all visitors to your page and handle customer care in your Facebook inbox.

We will bring more targeted traffic to your page by doing Facebook ads and boosted posts.

We will create five customized posts that will foster engagement and interaction.

This is what you will get (monthly)

Optimize FB Page

1 Social Cover


  • Reviews
  • Check-ins
  • Posts
  • Shares
  • Mentions

Invite to Like

Inbox Responses

5 Posts Per Week

2 Facebook Events

1 Lead Generation Campaign

Monthly Reporting

Our Ad Spend – Up to $165

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